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Quality Policy

ADVERTPLUS SMPC operates in:

ADVERTPLUS SMPC is committed to ensuring the highest quality in its services, implementing a Quality Management System, with an operating framework in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Quality in the services provided is achieved by accomplishing the objectives of the System, which are:
To achieve the above objectives, ADVERTPLUS SMPC is committed to the implementation, operation, control, and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, through approved Procedures, Policies and Work Instructions. ADVERTPLUS SMPC has assigned specific roles and responsibilities to the administrators. The staff of the company are informed and trained at regular intervals about the requirements, towards the achievement of the objectives and receives the necessary know-how. ADVERTPLUS SMPC is committed to ensuring and having the appropriate resources for the operation of the company and the achievement of the objectives, while conducting an objective evaluation of the Suppliers. Threats to the quality performance of services are identified, evaluated, addressed and managed, through an appropriate methodology, while being reviewed on an annual basis. The performance of the Quality Management System is checked through Internal Inspections and their results are evaluated during the annual Review of the Quality Management System. Deviations from policies-procedures and/or objectives are addressed with corrective actions. This Policy is reviewed on an annual basis, in terms of appropriateness and applicability.