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What we do

In Advertplus we observe, we study, we design...We create unique Brands!


  • Brand Name - Strategical creation of brand name, full brand identity design ( logo, envelope, business card, notepaper, color palette, typography, imagery and copy writing)

  • Consulting Communication Services - Public relations, design of communication & public relations programs, strengthening of Company reputation, product brand building

  • Social Responsibility programs - Design and communication of Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Awareness campaigns, sensitive groups of population supporting programs

  • Media Relations services - Creation of journalists list data base, Press conference events, press office organization services, Press releases, media monitoring, publicity reports


  • Experience - Our experienced team has deep understanding of Pharmaceutical Industry marketing. Packed with creativity, inspiration and dedication, our goal is to deliver eye catching and memorable projects

  • Details - We consider every detail to create engaging concepts that are truly unique to each company we work with and deliver business objectives such as product packaging, promotional material, communication campaigns, copywriting

  • Digital Services

    • Team - Our experienced team creates artistic visual displays for static and dynamic websites that are essential for your company’s presentation

    • Webinar, Hybrid & e-congress - Well planned online events can boost attendance, increase the event experience and reach a wider audience than traditional live events

    • Design - Concept design for interactive presentations, animated introduction page, storyboard, interactive menu, video integration

    • Application/Website Design & Development - With many years of experience, we develop fast, scalable web applications and backends with beautiful design and outstanding web UX


  • Targeted promotional actions in order to boost your brand’s visibility and enhance customers loyalty

  • Press advertisement (brochures, magazines and online) & outdoor advertisement

  • Our - up to date- hcps database of 45.000 doctors and 9.500 pharmacists is available to our clients accordingly to their needs.

  • Promotional distribution campaigns in targeted spots

  • Direct Communications (DDL)

    • Our -up to date- HCPs Database available according to our client’s needs.
    • Direct mailing
    • Selective direct mailing
    • Yellow envelope (Ε.Ο.Φ.: National Organization for Medicines)
    • Mailing of brochures, communication or advertising material
      (products and events presentation, congresses announcements and abstracts book)

    Mailing actions are based on the following criteria :

    Private addresses of HCPs
    Hospital addresses, when required
    Area code

    Market Research Services

    At Advertplus, we provide complete solutions for health and life sciences market research projects. Market research services perform in-depth research and reporting into a variety of markets. We also analyze market activity to provide you with custom market insight and new perspectives into your own marketing campaigns. Insights are showcased via reports, infographics, and ad-hoc deliverables

    Events / Congresses

    • Concept Proposals - Concept proposals, congresses material (Posters, anouncements, programs, abstracts book e.t.c.)

    • Administration Support - We will be right beside you all the way till the end

    • Financial Management - We will make the best event following your budget

    • Event Timetable - You don't need to worry for deadlines because we are always on time

    • Marketing Plan - We will make a marketing plan and an event webpage that suits our needs . Moreover Event Advertising (print and online)

    • Registrations Management - Abstracts management, Press Conference organization , Give away proposals